Our Mission

Hyperion is a social enterprise, with a mission to bring scaleable Computer Science and software development education to the developing world. We believe this education is uniquely empowering - no skill can more rapidly empower individuals to gain access to well-paying careers, yet no skill is as hard to learn in the third world. In Africa alone, over 200 million low-income youth can harness the skills we teach to change their lives forever.

Hyperion sells courses to high-income demographics, pairing students with excellent one-on-one online mentors, and uses a portion of all profits to provide free online courses to low-income demographics in Africa.

By charging only 15% of our students, we can provide free education to the remaining 85%, generating a sustainable social impact.



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Our Partners

Hyperion has partnered with key names in the fields of technology, education, and social ventures.



Andrae Smith

Marketing and Corporate Relationships Manager

I am a University of Stellenbosch graduate with an Undergrad in Economics and Honours in Marketing. I am passionate about developing education in South Africa and hope to contribute towards this through Hyperion.

Alex Bielovich

Awesomeness Architect

Durban-based Designer & Illustrator with a commitment to craft above all else.

Riaz Moola

Managing Director, Founder

I previously worked at Google as a part of the core search team, and was the first South African to join Google's prestigious Associate Product Manager Programme. I now serve as Director of Hyperion.

Sobane Motlomelo

Cape Town Manager

I am a Mathematics and Computer Science graduate from the University of Cape Town. I am passionate about Python and my research interests lie in Information Security.

Jared Ping

Online Course Manager

I am currently pursuing a BSc(Eng) Electrical and Information Engineering at Wits. I have a deep passion for anything software related and thoroughly enjoy broadening the knowledge of others.

Masood Gool

Content Developer and Tutor

I have a Bcom Accounting Degree from the University of Johannesburg. I always had a passion for programming and decided to pursue this by doing an online course with Hyperion Development. I am now a full-time tutor and content developer for Hyperion Development.

Our Whole Story

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Awards and Press

We've been widely recognised in Africa and abroad.



  • September 2016: Hyperion Development are crowned grand-prize winners of the Internet.org Innovation Challenge in Africa awards. Internet.org is a partnership between social networking services company Facebook and six companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm)
  • July 2016: Hyperion becomes the first African startup to be awarded a place in the Emerge Education Cohort, an accelerator programme for startups aiming to improve educational outcomes worldwide. 
  • January 2016: Hyperion joins the Social Incubator East programme in Cambridge, a programme of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School 
  • December 2015: Hyperion awarded funding and a partnership with Google to run a year long project improving Computer Science in South Africa. Matched funding provided by the Python Software Foundation 
  • November 2014, June 2015: Hyperion awarded third and forth grants from the Python Software Foundation to support growth of online courses
  • September 2014: Hyperion awarded funding from Oracle & enters a partnership with the South African Department of Education to train half of all programming teachers in the country
  • March 2014: Hyperion wins a UK Open Source Award for its online course platform, presented in a ceremony in Scotland 
  • May 2013: Awarded two grants from the Python Software Foundation Outreach and Education Committee to expand online Python courses
  • November 2012: Awarded £5000 Innovation Initiative Grant from the University of Edinburgh Development Trust to expand training programmes
  • October 2012: Delivered "Python education in South Africa" talk at the first Python conference in Africa - Pycon ZA 2012