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Python Software Developer


The course is designed to build intermediate programming skills using the Python programming language. It emphasises problem solving through the explicit development of algorithms to solve challenging computational problems

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This course is designed for students who have taken one of Hyperion's beginner courses, or have equivalent experience (6 - 12 month programming experience)

Course Overview


The course takes you through the major tools that you need to develop effective programs to solve computational problems. It assumes a basic knowledge of programming but begins with a refresher of Python. After equipping the learner with the tools they need for complex problems solving, the learner is presented with challenging problems to solve using the skills they have acquired.

Programming is made up of two parts. The first is the development of an algorithm which solves a given computational problem. The second is the coding of this algorithm into a computer program to be executed by the machine. We emphasise this difference as we build a solid grounding for programmers that complete this course.

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Course Syllabus

Our courses are designed to help you learn programming skills through practice. Here are the practical projects you'll complete with the help of a mentor as part of this course:


Snake Charming

We get an introduction into this high level and easily understandable language. We learn how to control our program through the variety of built in structures, as well as how to store data through the life of our program and get input from our user - and how to return information to our users as well.


The Full Monty

We take the knowledge from the previous stages in the course and apply it to more advanced concepts that Python's power allows us to implement relatively easily. We'll be looking at complex concepts such as Bioinformatics, Language Processing, Location Plotting, and Machine Learning. All of these are highly valuable concepts in the the world of modern consumer computing.

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Students Reviews

Why Take This Course?

Python is a relatively new programming language. But is has already build up a substantial user base and community because of its ability to deliver on it’s said promise to make code simple, readable, beautiful and explicit. This is a fun language that can be used to develop not only applications that run on a desktop, but web based applications as well. This means that after taking this course, you can branch into web development fairly easily, with a framework like Django, without having to learn another programming language.

Learning the intermediate concepts of programming with this language peppers the experience with more fun. With tabs replacing the conventional curly braces, power list and dictionary data structures, and an extensive standard library, your journey to mastering the more advanced concepts and tools of programming is sure to an exciting one.

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Post graduation career support
A MicroDegree is a innovative new concept which goes beyond simply taking an online course. This certification is designed to get you the skills that employers believe are integral to get a job in software development. It focuses on learning by doing, and is typically comprised of 8 to 15 practical programming projects with hundreds of additional programming exercises and course content to support the skills needed to complete these projects.

All our MicroDegrees connect you with a 1:1 mentor, to which your practical programming projects are submitted for feedback. Your mentor works with you in real time to improve your code, solve programming exercises, and craft your learning path to match your intended career. Mentor support is available 24/7 online with face-to-face support offered in selected areas.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Prior programming experience requirements

-It is required that you have had at least 6 months programming experience or take one of our beginner courses in order to take this course.


-Our courses feature a substantial theoretical aspect even though the focus is on the practical component. You need to be proficient in English, both reading and writing, in order to learn about what programming is and what is expected of you in each task.

Technical Proficiencies

-Basic computer skills, such as sending emails and saving files

-Proficient with the use of a programming application, such as CodeBlocks, Visual Studio, IDLE, or Eclipse

Equipment and Technologies

-Access to a computer and a broadband internet connection *

-A machine that meets the technical requirements to run Python. Please see: https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7/. More information on the installation of Python will be given in the course

-An email address where course content and other important course information can be delivered.

*The use of Dropbox means you’re not required to be always online while taking this MicroDegree. Even if you don’t have internet - perhaps due to some loadshedding - you can still access your Dropbox folder and continue to edit/update files. As soon as you have internet again, your Dropbox will sync with your trainer and he or she will see your changes. Dropbox and our own website is also available on everything from Blackberry to Apple tablets - so you will be able to learn while on the move.

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Senior PHP Developer


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Mobile native app developer


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Software Engineer (IT SAAS product)

Vix Verify

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