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MicroDegree FAQ

What level of support is offered by your online trainers?

We offer a revolutionary level of support on our online courses. You will be assigned a 1:1 online trainer who is available 24/7 to answer questions and mark you work. Any assignments or work you complete is marked by hand by your trainer within 24 hours of submissions. We’re able to achieve this high level of support through a dedicated team of full-time trainers based in South Africa.

You’ll also be able to schedule a 1:1 video all with your trainer at a moment's notice to get detailed feedback and assistance on our courses. No other online course platform offers the level of support we do.

Are your courses recognised?

Yes. All Hyperion’s courses and MicroDegrees are recognised by international bodies that have the most weight for that specific course. For example, our MicroDegrees and courses that teach the Python programming language are supported by the Python Software Foundation. Hyperion has partnered with organisations such as Google, The University of Cambridge, The Computer Science Association of South Africa, Oracle, and the South African Department of Education to ensure the highest quality standards and recognition of our courses.

How likely am I to get employed after taking a MicroDegree?

High. Hyperion runs the only platform that connections software developers to companies across Southern Africa - Hyperion Careers. . Once you graduate from one of our courses, Your 1:1 trainer will work with you to create a developer CV & profile on the site and refer your profile to the hundreds of companies hiring on our platform. The demand for software developers has never been higher and our graduates have gone on to work as software developers across Southern Africa. Read some of their success stories here.

How relevant are the skills taught in your courses?

Hyperion’s courses are developed by experienced software developers who have previously worked at organisations such as Google, and our course content development is directed by a team based at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

We train cutting edge software development skills in languages such as Python, Django. Our courses cover topics and technologies not taught elsewhere in Southern Africa, and one of the reasons we created these courses is to align software development skills in the region to more international standards. That’s also why Google has chosen Hyperion as their education partner for South Africa - Hyperion leads Computer Science & software development training in the region.

What is the time commitment to take a MicroDegree?

An average of 8 hours per week should be devoted to complete a MicroDegree. However, MicroDegrees are set up in an extremely flexible way so that you can take as long as you need. Your support on the course and access to training materials will continue on a per month fee. You can keep extending your course time by purchasing additional months to take as long as you need to complete all the materials and gain the qualification.

How experienced are your trainers?

Our trainers are experts in the courses they trainer. All our trainers hold university degrees in Computer Science & software development, and have decades of collective experience from institutions such as Google, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford. They are hand selected by hundreds of applicants and are chosen not just for their technical knowledge, but ability to train and form a connection with you to help you graduate from your course.

Can my employer pay for a course?

Yes. Simply email with any additional forms you need filled out to have the course fees billed directly to your employer by our sales consultants.

How is payment for courses structured and are there any discounts?

Our courses require a deposit to be paid up front, and then a fixed monthly fee while you are on the course. This fee can be cancelled at any time.

It is also possible to pay the deposit for a course and the 3 month fixed fee up front. With this option, you’ll receive a 5% discount on the total payment.

Discounts are offered during promotion sales so stay on the lookout for any specials.

Are your courses suitable for first-time or experienced programmers?

We have a range of courses for people with different backgrounds. Visit and use the ‘Skill level’ filter to find an appropriate course. For example, our Intro to Programming MicroDegree is perfect for people with absolutely no background in programming, whilst our Full Stack Developer MicroDegree would be appropriate for someone with some programming experience.

Payment FAQ

How does payment work?

We offer payment via a number of convenient methods. You can pay for your course instantly online, or pay into our bank account using EFT or conventional deposit.

How do I pay instantly using PayFast?

Our online payment system is powered by PayFast, Africa’s trusted secure online payment system. To pay using PayFast, select the appropriate option on the payment page or in the email you should have received once you’d registered for your course. Enter your card details on our SSL-secured payment portal and payment is processed immediately.

Which payment methods does PayFast support?

You can pay using any valid Visa or MasterCard, or your Bitcoin wallet, the MasterPass app or Mobicred. These services are supported on Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank in South Africa, and any other international banks where equivalent services are offered.

How do I pay using EFT?

To pay using EFT, select the appropriate option on the payment page or in the email you should have received once you’d registered for your course.

You can make payment via your respective internet banking portal or using a deposit slip in-branch to the following account. All major South African banks are supported.

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Hyperion Development
Account Number: 371109965
Branch: Westville
Branch Code: 045426

How do you know I’ve paid?

If you’ve paid via PayFast, we’ll automatically be notified of the payment, and you don’t need to do anything further.

If you’ve paid via EFT, please send a payment confirmation to These are usually generated by your internet banking system. If you’ve deposited in-branch, please send a scanned proof of deposit to the above email.

How does the deposit work?

For the short courses (i.e. excluding MicroDegrees) the deposit is a part of the indicated total course price, and is used to secure your place on the course. The remaining balance of the course payment is due before completion of the course.

For MicroDegrees, the deposit is used to secure your place and also acts as the first monthly instalment. You’ll only be billed for the months AFTER your month of registration.

Note that deposits are non-refundable, our courses’ spaces are limited and a deposit secures your place, as well as being part of the total course payment.

Do you offer discounts on course payments?

Yes! For our short courses, if you choose to pay the full course price upfront, you’ll receive an instant 10% discount on the course price.

For our MicroDegrees, if you pay the deposit plus 2 months upfront (a total of 3 months’ worth of support) we’ll give you a 10% discount on 3 months’ instalments once-off.

Do you have course specials?

Certainly. Keep an eye on our social media and email messages for timely specials and actions.

Can I pay for my course after I’ve completed it?

Generally, no. We ask that you pay the balance owing on your account before the completion of your course.

Support FAQ

How do I setup my computer to take my course?

When you first receive your course content; you receive a setup document to get you ready to take the course.

You can find setup instructions on Hyperion Hub