Let's join forces

Join a South African startup that has partnered with Google to revolutionise Computer Science education.

Why Hyperion?


Hyperion is a unique organisation. Originally formed by university students, we're now led by an ex-Google employee and Computer Science graduates from the University of Cambridge. We are Google's first and only partner in South Africa, and deliver services to thousands of people in 8+ countries. Working at Hyperion is an unparalleled opportunity to join a fresh new startup that is disrupting the way education is delivered in the developing world. Read more about what we do.

You'll gain career-defining experience working directly with partners like Google, The Python Software Foundation, and the South African government on projects and technologies that reach thousands. Work directly with our UK office - based at the University of Cambridge - all whilst enjoying flexible working hours, unlimited training, stock options, and access to all the tech you need.

How we work

There's no uniform white cubicles or the endless staring at the same sticky notes you'd find at large corporates. Our startup atmosphere means you can put your skills to work in an environment that encourages you to excel.

We prefer to dispense with the sort of rigidity found in 10 year signed, immutable "innovation roadmaps" which instead stifle innovation altogether. Our projects can be short-term but will always be high-impact for the communities we work with.

We've teamed up with the most important names in education, technology, social ventures and computer science to make sure both the courses we offer and the communities we drive are both industry-backed and world class.

Hyperion has grown from under 500 students in 2012 to over 5000 students on its courses alone, and has amassed R1.6m in funding in under a year for its drive to improve computer science in South Africa. Our reach is expected to only grow in the coming years.

"Working at Hyperion has changed my entire world view on how education can be delivered, and how a few passionate individuals can have a massive impact"
- Umar Randeree
"Now I know it is possible to change the world one developer at a time, being at Hyperion has proven that open education is the best way to empower people"
- Sobane Motlomelo

We are recruiting for the following positions

Want to ride our wave?

Hyperion is looking for motivated people who share our mission, spirit and excitement for the future of Computer Science and software development in the country. If you think you tick these boxes and would be a good fit with us, we'd like to hear from you - email us at contact@hyperiondev.com